Atelier Valencia is a full-service creative atelier that specializes in interior architecture and design for both private, as well as commercial projects.


We also work with concept development and styling assignments. Each project is unique, and we tailor according to the needs, wants and dreams of the client.


Atelier Valencia is founded on a passion for creativity and deep knowledge of architecture, design, art and fashion. The base is a belief of the positive effects of spaces with a purpose and with a quality that will last over time.

Therése Valencia, the creative leader and founder of the atelier, has more than 20 years’ experience within interior architecture, design and concept development. She has worked internationally and consulted for several global brands.

Selected Brands


Interior Architecture & Design

As a full-service atelier, we offer complete interior solutions for both private clients, including kitchen and bath. As well as commercial spaces such as office, retail and hospitality.

We deliver architectural drawings and renderings to secure that the end product meets the expectations of the client each time. No detail is too big or too small and we thoroughly work through our projects all the way from a visual concept down to finished physical space.

Concept Development

We help brands create a clear design identity that can be conveyed into a physical space or imagery.

This can include materials and colors, along with the design of concept specific furniture pieces. Always with function in mind and with a quality that will last over time.


Our aim is to form a personal expression fitting each client.

With a strong sense of composition and detail, we create a visual imagery that is coherent with the brand, space or design.

Project Lead

After more than 20 years in the business and with several strong partners Atelier Valencia can secure a project with minimal stress and where the best of the client is the base in every decision.